Joint venture in real estate transactions

Regulated by article 2549, the joint venture is a contract with which "the associating assigns to the associate a share in the profits of his company or of one or more businesses towards the consideration of a specific contribution." A contract therefore thanks to which it is possible to finance an economic operation that involves two subjects: the associate who will give the associating a pre-established sum thus participating in the deal. In this way, the two actors in the deal use an association contract in participation.

Financing one's operations through joint ventures is a safe, versatile method that easily adapts to the needs of companies that need a precise commercial contract. This is why it is necessary to rely on those who have legal and tax expertise to deal with this type of contract in complete safety.

But let's go into more detail, and analyze the five articles of the civil code that deal with the joint venture contract.

Thanks to this type of contract, it is possible finance a purchase, restructuring and resale operation choosing whether to subsidize the deal partially or totally and evaluating whether to involve even more people. It is therefore possible to make several partnerships in participation on the same deal with different subjects.

Obviously, this type of operation must correspond to the appropriate legal and negotiating measures.

Joint venture in real estate trading

Participatory association for the purchase of NPL credits

Participatory association for the purchase of NPL credits
Through a particular contractual structure, it is possible to acquire NPL credits. By purchasing a non-performing loan guaranteed by the underlying property, it is possible, for example, to proceed with the assignment of the asset for subsequent property revaluation and resale. Do you want to have some more information about the purchase of NPL credits?

Purchase and header of the operation

The investor may decide to own the entire real estate transaction counting on the constant support of our team of professionals, who will guarantee the success of the transaction.

The investor may decide, alternatively, to join the single transaction through a "joint partnership agreement for the single deal" already promoted by the Company.  

The latter will take care of the management of all phases of the procedure, distributing the agreed profits once the operation is completed.

Let's choose together the type of real estate investment tailored to you

We are aware that choosing an investment is never easy and that is why we are at your complete disposal to identify the type of deal that best suits your needs: we will develop a strategy and prepare business plans with the aim of providing you with all the information that will allow you to make an informed choice. ​

It is usually believed, not without some reason, that investing in real estate is an activity reserved only for those with large capitals and strong knowledge in the real estate market. 

Real estate investment will thus be within reach of those who do not have large sums, combining professional skills with the financial energies of investors, to achieve excellent high profitability objectives.